Inventiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inventiveness:

In the ideal situation, one with a strong offensive line, capable pass catchers and an inventive head coach, he could end the 2021 campaign as one of the five best quarterbacks of the year.

Rather than use that perch to offer lovers of Shakespeare conventional fare in tights and ruffs, Griffin filled the 265-seat Elizabethan-style space with inventive interpretations of popular and lesser-known works.

We teamed up with Land Rover Defender to highlight the country's most inventive adventures.

The companies say their systems can sniff out many of the inventive ways students game tests, such as looking at wall-mounted notes, copying from other websites or listening to a friend say the answers out loud.

We have to get inventive to put that measurement in place as we test things.

Those two remarkable Englishmen were alike in their daring inventiveness, and not unlike in face and person.

If so, a considerable amount of inventiveness may have been required, besides a high order of constructiveness.

With a boy's lack of inventiveness we called him "Tiger" although anything less ferocious than he would be hard to find.

This is a test of a certain type of inventiveness, namely linguistic invention.

He was full of inventiveness, and he may have adopted that course hoping, when the time came, to prove an alibi.