Inventor [noun]

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Indeed, many of history’s most revered artists and inventors had daily routines that incorporated periods of mental rest.

Interestingly, the Club’s inventor was said to have been inspired by his service in the Korean War, when he used a chain to lock the steering wheel of military vehicles.

While prosthetic arms and legs remained quite primitive by modern standards, inventors emphasized improvements in comfort and modest gains in functionality.

At times she wanted to be a mathematician, an inventor, a scientist and an architect.

Von Hippel went on to become a professional inventor, at least for a little while.

He was also the inventor of "Poikilorgue," an expressive organ, which was the origin of the harmonium.

Probably even to-day the majority would name Walter Map as the populariser, if not the inventor, of the Grail legend.

The inventor claimed that the "American Transplanter" could do the work of several men and do it equally well.

He was the inventor of Exchequer Bills; and they were popularly called Montague's notes.

One who merely utilizes the ideas of others is not an original inventor and is not entitled to a patent.