Inventoried [verb]

Definition of Inventoried:

keep detailed record

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Sentence/Example of Inventoried:

To date — and with exceptions such as advertisers running CTV-only YouTube campaigns around tentpole events — advertisers largely do not treat YouTube’s CTV differently than its other inventory types for a few main reasons.

Additionally, without detailed audience data, the media companies are at a disadvantage when pitching inventory to advertisers that the platforms are also able to sell, but with more enhanced targeting options.

Analyze your inventory and determine which products would fit in a gift guide for your business.

It’s unlikely that you’re searching for car prices and inventory for fun.

At least 10 SSPs have been approached so far by Diageo’s marketers, who the source said want a breakdown of the inventory each sells.

That works most of the time, but sometimes the marketer is just paying more or actually overweighting certain inventory sources.

A smart place to begin is with an inventory of the things you already have.

The new surge in manufacturing partly reflects companies restocking inventories that ran low when some factories were shut down, so you might worry about whether the pace is sustainable.

When Great Big Story did begin to directly sell its YouTube inventory, it only offered it as a premium add-on to bigger deals, and the inventory did not become a standard part of media plans until the first quarter of 2020.

Networks’ scatter inventory typically sells at higher prices than upfront rates, which is a major reason why advertisers participate in the upfront.