Inventories [noun]

Definition of Inventories:

list of stock; stock

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Sentence/Example of Inventories:

We have seen in many inventories how the elegances of the East crept in among stouter and more practical goods.

Again, in one of the Inventories of the Exchequer, 1331, is noted:—Une peire de plates covert de rouge samyt.

We have met with various instances of inventories or mention of “townes armour” in old constable accounts.

Whenever mentioned in Inventories and such-like documents, the Almain rivet stands for a suit of light armour.

Fictitious valuations on raw material can be added, and inventories can be manipulated.

“Cut work” is named by Chaucer, and is constantly to be found in inventories from his time to the beginning of the last century.

The ingenuity and magnificence of the Elizabethan bedroom furnishings are proved by the inventories to be found in old houses.

A few inventories of furniture that still remain exhibit a miserable deficiency.

I was going to say, I'm turning it over to the government to untangle, even while making use of the inventories of radioactives.

A few examples from inventories will best illustrate the colours and the magnificence of the materials used to conceal the steel.