Inventorying [verb]

Definition of Inventorying:

keep detailed record

Synonyms of Inventorying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inventorying:

Sentence/Example of Inventorying:

I had never before encountered anything quite so sweeping, so totally inventorying, so insolent.

Men looked at him with new interest, inventorying anew the huge mouth and nose and the flaming hair.

The German followed, inventorying the size of the red-haired giant with something like disapproval.

And our business is shipping, inventorying, collecting, doing all the bookkeeping work for the various publishers' books.

Virgil is making out the balance-sheet of Italy—he is inventorying her wealth.

He replaced the register in the drawer to go on with inventorying the contents of the packet.

Already he had been doing a little inventorying on his own account.