Invested [verb]

Definition of Invested:

contribute money to make money

Synonyms of Invested:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invested:

Sentence/Example of Invested:

We’ll invest $400 billion — that’s how much the federal government will spend — for products made by American workers.

Regardless of where you live, if you’re an outdoors person investing in an ATV, you want to maximize its potential for your intended purpose.

Redwood is one of five companies Amazon is investing in as part of its $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund, announced this year.

For 10 years, Arctaris has invested successfully in low-income neighborhoods, often in partnership with government and philanthropy.

I heard that phrase—“Square is a beast”—two years ago from a venture capitalist who invests in payments and fintech firms.

Among those that have started planning, our research found that more than half are prioritizing ordering holiday inventory while nearly 30% are also investing in digital marketing and advertising.

Without more money, Tristan wouldn’t be able to invest in marketing, product development, research, and, of course, production.

The reason is that buying options is fundamentally different from investing in stocks, where retail investors can hold their own by researching a company and understanding a market of the sector.

Even if they don’t end up with software jobs, I think the lessons learned here are well worth the time they invest into it.

Often the C-level people don’t live in Cleveland or just moved to Cleveland for the job and aren’t invested in the community.