Investigated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Investigated:

The royal Audiencia has investigated this matter, on petition of the cabildo, in order to refer it to that royal council.

Benny and Violet scrambled through the underbrush to the place Jess pointed out, and investigated.

Either he continued to follow Carlson or he investigated the milk box which Carlson had mysteriously visited.

In addition to the points referred to in the tables, other questions have been investigated, although on a smaller scale.

White with anger and chagrin, the doctor stood roundly abusing the man who had investigated that lonely house.

As regards the phenomena in question, however, it cannot be said that they have been fairly or fully investigated by scientists.

Years ago I investigated in the laboratory the popular notion that tobacco is a disinfectant.

I investigated and discovered he had gone on foot, so I 200 assumed he was out to kill some meat to pack into the settlement.

The Lords, however, ordered that both charges should be investigated simultaneously.

Mr. Enwright's store is at the corner below the scene of the affray now being investigated.