Investigating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Investigating:

Why did he not exercise more precaution when investigating anything so suspicious as a concealed fire?

One of the members was wanted as a witness in a matter which the Lords were investigating.

The discoveries here made set men actively at work investigating elsewhere.

Flick awoke by one of those subconscious mental perceptions that the Society for Psychical Research is at present investigating.

Investigating minds were at first obliged to free themselves from the vulgar idea of weight.

Historians, as a rule, are more given to the use of whitewash than a political investigating committee.

Having encountered no resistance, it was apparent that the bewildered Pawnees were investigating.

Glancing out I saw one of the calves investigating a bed of poppies as if meditating a dose of laudanum to induce sleepfulness.

It has been the dread—nay the certainty, of the latter result, which has deterred many great minds from investigating the matter.

During the cold weather she made frequent investigating trips around the farm, but the heat seems to make her lazy.