Investigative [adjective]

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He also recommended stricter state requirements that would allow officials to investigate suspected cases of voters who may be on the state’s voter rolls but are no longer eligible to vote in Georgia.

The lab’s director, Jeffrey Parker, sent an email to nursing homes, saying it was investigating test results.

ISBE investigated the district after a complaint last December by an occupational therapist at one of the schools.

Meanwhile, the researchers used an X-ray laser to investigate how the structure of the water changed, based on how the X-rays scattered.

This was the strategy Tuchman used in a study last year, to investigate the impact of TV advertising for e-cigarettes.

Police continue to investigate why the driver left road, officials said.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser and ProPublica are spending the year investigating the state’s disappearing beaches.

A coalition of state attorneys general is also investigating the company.

The oversight group has been drowning in the number of death cases involving county law enforcement officers that it needs to investigate, and in 2017, it recommended dismissing 22 cases without investigation.

Anvisa said it had discovered that a participant in Sinovac’s trial had experienced a “severe adverse event” and that Sinovac’s trial would be delayed as it investigated the case.