Investigators [noun]

Definition of Investigators:

person who checks thoroughly

Synonyms of Investigators:

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Sentence/Example of Investigators:

“The origin of life is the biggest mystery of human beings,” says Akihiko Yamagishi, Tokyo University microbiologist, principal investigator of the Tanpopo mission, and lead author of the new paper.

There was insufficient evidence to bring charges against the sender, said Michelle Bays, chief investigator for the Washoe County district attorney’s office.

In the ideal next step, an investigator seeking suspects must confirm that there is a good match within this list.

Browder himself told investigators he didn’t remember whether he shouted any commands before shooting.

Eventually, the investigators found what they think caused the problem.

Fellow administrators “were trying to overspend in areas to where he has to say no,” Carson told investigators, according to the report.

Berghmans and Auchère are the principal investigators for the orbiter’s ultraviolet camera.

He insists that investigators are only looking for footage in connection with the most serious crimes.

Over a five-day period, investigators accessed the city’s network of streetlight cameras at least 35 times in search of evidence for criminal cases.

The data are limited to known clusters and to what the patients involved could recall and what they told investigators.