Investing [verb]

Definition of Investing:

contribute money to make money

Synonyms of Investing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Investing:

Sentence/Example of Investing:

If it is mine, as it really seems to be, there will be no harm in investing part of it in that way.

While dissuading you from engaging in the speculation, she is visibly glad to see you investing your money in it.

I am contemplating investing in Central Sonora when it is placed on the market.

Better wait until you know what a plant is before investing in it.

The English were investing the town of Terouana, in which there was almost a famine.

But of direct saving—putting money in a bank, or investing it—there is scarcely any.

He has succeeded in investing a number of critical discussions with extraordinary vividness and reality.

He had plenty of money again, for one thing, and he liked to find dazzlingly new ways for investing it.

Ambient, am′bi-ent, adj. going round: surrounding: investing.

He has certainly succeeded in investing with fresh interest this old book of laws.Scotsman.