Investiture [noun]

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The Cardinal then hinted, that Wharton had vanished on some occult mission, to circumvent the Italian investiture.

This is called the "Investiture of the Top-knot," and is always attended by solemn ceremonies.

Hence the oath of fealty was a personal obligation, and investiture was needful before the new feudee took possession.

On it was written what Vulcan had told him about his mental attitude changing after Investiture.

It had all begun on the day of his Final Investiture, and he had gone through every event in memory, over and over.

It hadn't been anywhere near as simple as the Investiture he had gone through to become a demi-God.

This last bears the name of "Naked Ladies," from the flowers springing from the ground without any investiture of leaves.

Luncheon over, a messenger announced that Her Majesty was ready to begin the ceremony of investiture.

An outward manifestation of this Divine investiture was seen in the tongues of flame which rested upon them severally.

The age assigned for the investiture is between nine and fifteen years.