Investor [noun]

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Some publishers have been reticent to invest much time and effort in posting original videos to TikTok because they have struggled to find success on the platform and have been underwhelmed by the platform’s support of publishers.

Face with spending more time at home, people began investing in improving their outdoor living spaces.

The impact of wage discrimination trickles down, as we are paid less, invest less and build less generational wealth for our children.

Check out your competition’s advertising methods, and investigate how much they invest in certain areas.

Aldi, for example, shared updates on how they were investing in supporting local communities during the outbreak.

Maybe because of people like me, only 45% of small businesses invest in PPC.

Companies that can afford to invest considerably in social media marketing go one step further.

There are all kinds of ways for us to settle, for us to invest in public goods, for us to share or be private.

For example, Sprint right now is not investing significantly in maintaining its network.

We’ve been investing a lot of time and energy in Iowa, New Hampshire in particular.