Invincible [adjective]

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Eisenhower’s heart attack, however, was just one in a series of major illnesses the seemingly invincible leader would experience as president.

That’s very dangerous, because you don’t want people taking vaccines and running around carelessly, not taking precautions, thinking that they are invincible.

Let him improvise downhill and unleash the sort of swindling acrobatics that make him invincible.

Use personalization, unintrusive formats, and meaningful, high-quality messages and your advertising will be effective and invincible to ad blockers.

But they have not the invincible carelessness or temperamental springiness of the old lot—and how should they?

Balakirev—to whom the work was dedicated—did not admire it, and his feelings were shared by the rest of the Invincible Band.

A voice from heaven hails the invincible conqueror, and his soul in the form of a dove ascends to the skies.

An animal, a mite, which suffers, furnishes invincible arguments against Divine Providence and its infinite benefactions.

If we stayed where we were, our dead would kill us; if we moved out of our defenses, we should no longer be invincible.

With his invincible patience he was waiting now, in her room up-stairs, standing before the bookcase with his back to the door.