Invisibly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Invisibly:

A prolonged silence occurred in the little temple where the absent divinity still invisibly reigned.

Ronald smiled invisibly as he replied that it was his sister—the senior partner of the firm.

Besides these traits there is a power going out from you that takes hold of people invisibly.

His helping hand reached invisibly into a hundred homes, and upheld a hundred faltering lives.

We hasten invisibly down the far side of the street, and come out under the bastions.

For this battle everybody is a soldier in man's war of liberation, all of us stand invisibly ranked together.

No draperies should be invisibly held; supply some apparent means of confining the gathers.

He talketh with men friendly, sometimes visibly, sometimes invisibly.

As they are supposed to be invisibly present, they are at all times to be spoken of with respect.

The change that came over his person and character seemed like enchantment: was the siren invisibly following him?