Invitations [noun]

Definition of Invitations:

proposal; asking

Synonyms of Invitations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invitations:

Sentence/Example of Invitations:

These are not prescriptions, I replied, but invitations to experiment.

Snow, rather than rainwater, filled the hollows when I saw Yang’s pieces, so I saw no birds taking up the invitation.

In short, it has been a challenge trying to figure out the system, including how policies compare between state and county, and especially how Montgomery decides who gets a coveted email invitation to make an appointment.

Residents must register to request an appointment, and strong demand means “wait times between submitting a request form and receiving an invitation to schedule could be significant,” officials said.

Unlike sites such as Facebook, Telegram is a messaging app where users can create large, invitation-only and encrypted chat groups, and it allows users to remain anonymous by hiding their phone numbers from one another.

The event is by invitation only and we are almost at capacity, but you can sign up for consideration.

Being issued an invitation, or many of them, does not require you to accept.

Let’s use the events of the past year as our invitation to transform empty promises into tangible progress using leading measures.

When all else fails, I decline the invitation and settle down with a good book.

The invitation to affluent Floridians arrived in writing and by telephone.