Invocation [noun]

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Either way, the earnest invocation of an idealized politician being either a stacked savior or a wine-sipping bestie makes a mockery of the idea that politicians are nothing more than fellow citizens chosen for a short time to serve the public good.

Recall the right-wing invocation of “Flight 93” in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

In order for you to call this service from Google Sheets it must allow unauthenticated invocations.

Therefore the principal object of our invocation of the saints ought to be the obtaining of their help in following their example.

Country folk, journeying by the street below, looked up with lips that whispered invocation.

The invocation, "Queen conceived without the stain of original sin," was added to the Litany of Loreto.

But what of the love, however expressed, in the lyrical invocation to the brown liqueur?

A final howl of invocation resulted in complete failure, whereupon it was decided that Baal-Zeboub had business elsewhere.

And yet he wrote poetry, on occasion, of a high order, his Invocation being one of the noblest poems in the tongue.

Her own glorious orbs turned heavenward, a mystic light shone in them, and she raised her arms as if in invocation.