Invoices [noun]

Definition of Invoices:

itemized bill

Synonyms of Invoices:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invoices:


Sentence/Example of Invoices:

I was writing software that would connect their CRM and distribution systems, and reduce the double data entry they did every time they created an invoice.

The receipts and invoices shed new light on the unprecedented relationship Trump has with his own government — where Trump’s presidential travel brings a stream of public money to the private businesses that the president still owns.

Getting the couple to a phone call is important for final booking because so much of the wedding is tailored to a couple’s specific tastes, and emails are needed for sending official documents like contracts and invoices.

As of January 1, it began adding the 6% service tax on ads sold in Malaysia to advertisers’ invoices.

In order to get their hands on the funds, Bannon arranged for We Build the Wall to pay invoices to an unnamed non-profit he controlled.

An engine is described in the invoice as having chimney, axles, carriage-wheels, &c.

And an invoice be taken and an account had at any other time when either partner shall demand the same in writing.

Another method is to make the invoice in duplicate, and use one copy as a posting medium.

To the invoice must be added the freight and cartage—items which must be supplied by the accounting department.

To save transcribing, the copy for the statistical department should be wider than the original invoice.