Involution [noun]

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Ecks was executing a series of caricatures illustrating the involution of Hodgkins' face back into a crab-apple.

(a) Involution forms characterised by alterations of shape (Fig. 90).

(b) Involution forms characterised by loss of staining power.

Amongst these the most marked is the formation of the embryonic rim, which is nothing less than the commencement of an involution.

It is very probable that there is one involution to each segment of the body between the front and hind ends of the Oviduct.

Its development, both in the Birds and in the Batrachians as an involution, still more conclusively proves the truth of this view.

The Oviduct, then, may be considered as arising by an involution from the pleuro-peritoneal cavity.

Two of the stages in the formation of the secondary vesicle by this process of involution are shewn in Plate X, fig.

The features of this involution are in the main exaggerations of what was supposed to occur in the previous animal.

This involution grows backwards in the form of a duct and opens into the cloaca.