Involves [verb]

Definition of Involves:

draw in; include

Synonyms of Involves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Involves:

Sentence/Example of Involves:

And a license to do a particular act necessarily involves any act essential thereto.

It involves a continual struggle against harmful influences from outside.

But to all the step is dangerous; it involves coming of age; it is even a kind of second weaning.

I can, of course, but the process is quite involved—actually it involves making a twin out of myself—and it is not necessary.

The delivery of a brief to counsel gives him authority to act for his client in all matters which the litigation involves.

But this supposition involves great mathematical attainments.

“There is no suffering so horrible as that which involves remorse or self-contempt,” he said, and his voice trembled.

His eloquence may not be so captivating as that of some men; but it comes up freely, and involves utterances of import.

All serious conflict involves evil, but it is also strengthening to the race.

They would probably go back for a good many years and it involves a personality.