Inward [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inward:

This light drag basically slows down dust particles, and if you slow an object down in its orbit, it’s got to move inward, so the dust slowly spirals in toward the sun.

Away from the center, the inward pull of gravity is weaker, and there’s less inward-falling matter to temper the shock wave.

This inward work has led to a lot of fundamental improvements for operators.

It was all about pronation, ensuring that your shoe enabled your foot to roll inward by just the right amount with each stride.

Jupiter and Saturn together migrate outward instead of inward.

Drag within the system’s gas disk could have pulled it inward toward its stellar duo, Nguyen says.

Clearly, we are looking for an escape, even if all roads lead inward.

Rather than trying to fix your gait, these running shoes for men give you the stability and support you need to offset the effect of rolling your feet inward when they land.

The primary solution is to create content that draws the audience inward, delivering entertainment and education in ways that truly stand out in a crowded landscape.

Start at the margins, with the smallest and easiest things to change about yourself or your life, and work inward as needed.