Inwardness [noun]

Definition of Inwardness:

closeness between people

Synonyms of Inwardness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inwardness:

Sentence/Example of Inwardness:

You two wretched, whited sepulchres havent got hold of the true inwardness of Mauds character.

If art is to make the inwardness of man its subject, the artist cannot remain an indifferent portrayer.

"And I am sorry to say that even yet I am profoundly ignorant as to its true inwardness," smiled Constance.

If this effort fails, the whole effort of development towards unity and inwardness fails.

Everything is brought back to its roots in the needs, aspirations, and inwardness of the soul.

Nothing blossoms or bears fruit without the presence and the power of spiritual life in the deepest inwardness of the soul.

The whole story is illumined with one thought, how to master the material show of things and reach their spiritual inwardness.

Then I understood the true inwardness of all my previous experiences.

But once I attempt to give that inwardness expression, I must use the only weapons I have--abstractions, theories, phrases.

This becomes quite apparent when the true inwardness of such acts is regarded.