Iota [noun]

Definition of Iota:

small bit

Synonyms of Iota:

Opposite/Antonyms of Iota:


Sentence/Example of Iota:

The degree to which each iteration is more or less different than the last iteration is the place for an iota of choice, and mind.

This iota of choice compounds upwards and, through the course of biological evolution, results in the complex types of mind and choice that we humans and other mammals enjoy.

It flows completely naturally, without an iota of arbitrariness or artifice.

However, there will still be an iota of doubt in their minds.

She was growing a little stout, but it did not seem to detract an iota from the grace of every step, pose, gesture.

That if all your ideas were carried out—yes, carried out to the full—you would not advance the cause of humanity one iota.

Every iota of cleverness must be given to find a way out of Schloss Szolnok.

To empty his revolver into the head of one, and the body of another was that of the same iota of time.

It is pathetic to see how excited they become about remote events which cannot affect their happiness one iota.

Not an iota of the respect due to Thomas by the world, of the consideration due to the Miss Godolphins, will be lessened.