Irascibility [noun]

Definition of Irascibility:


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Sentence/Example of Irascibility:

Pope was a member of the same coffee house club for a year, but his inborn irascibility eventually led him to drop out of it.

The mental state is characterised at once by great indifference and undue irascibility.

Solicitor-General Hagerman spoke in a similar strain, but with less of irascibility.

I found him a man of extreme irascibility without adequate cause; hasty in action in hazardous cases to a degree that alarmed me.

He gave way to an irascibility which he tried to check, and to ask with indifference, "Why did he come back?"

I repeated, with a degree of irascibility that roused her to lift her eyes and look me steadily in the face.

But Mr. Boler gave no evidence of noticing the interruption nor of observing the irascibility of his guest.

Perhaps, in all her extensive experience upon the subject of education, she never betrayed one symptom of irascibility.

Knowing Annixter's irascibility, he had expected to produce a more dramatic effect.

It was this constant urging, coupled with irascibility and energy, for three long hours.