Irately [adverb]

Definition of Irately:

with anger

Synonyms of Irately:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irately:

Sentence/Example of Irately:

Interactive Brokers isn’t alone in facing new, and newly irate, customers.

This week, an especially irate group of parents in Fairfax — who call themselves “OpenFCPS” — sent a letter to the school board urging members to fire Superintendent Scott Brabrand over what they call his failure to reopen schools.

The deputy took the man to the hospital, where he became irate.

Somebodys been doing some tall lying, declared Wade irately.

"Tha'd be in a tight place, my fine chap, if I had my way," he flung forth irately.

He and the Mistress watched the two irately mumbling intruders plod out of sight up the drive.

The head of the Knickerbocker family turned irately in his chair and glared at his daughters.

"If I had hold of the creature that scared the horse, I'd mill him," cried Tom, irately.

"We are saved from one ceremony," rejoined the dealer irately.

"And Adrian is still at his fool's game over there, I suppose," she said irately turning upon Sophia.