Irked [verb]

Definition of Irked:

aggravate; rub the wrong way

Synonyms of Irked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irked:

Sentence/Example of Irked:

Case told me that one of the things that irked her after her accident was the number of people who wanted to lecture her on how you should never run alone in the mountains.

These nudges irk critics, who say the options game is one novices shouldn’t play, not least because pros can take advantage of newbies’ inexperience.

That irks Valley Center Municipal Water District’s general manager, Gary Arant.

One of India’s leading jewellery brands, Tanishq, is under fire over an advertisement it released last week that irked the country’s right-wing conservatives.

The aggressive new tactic by the IRS is likely to irk many in the cryptocurrency industry given that current tax rules consider any sale or purchase involving crypto—such as buying a cup of coffee with Bitcoin—to be a taxable event.

Members of the City Council I spoke with were irked but not surprised by the city’s reasoning.

He stood on the step, jerking his chin upward and forward as though his collar irked him.

I got irked again and demanded that the operator connect me with the registration clerk.

Captain Guzman said these words were wise, and Martella was compelled reluctantly to accept the situation, though it irked him.

He had enjoyed the holiday on Earth though it irked him to recall that hed been obliged to do good here and there.