Ironclad [adjective]

Definition of Ironclad:

fixed, rigid

Synonyms of Ironclad:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ironclad:


Sentence/Example of Ironclad:

McConnell spokesman Doug Andres also said Sinema has provided an arguably even more ironclad assurance to McConnell personally that she would reverse course under no circumstances.

This toughness makes the diabolical ironclad beetle pretty predator-proof.

However, it is important historically as the first battle of ironclad vessels in the United States.

And, like the Cut-Leaved Birch, it is ironclad in its hardiness.

The Speedy had not been able to withstand a torpedo that would have destroyed an ironclad as easily as a fishing-boat!

The ironclad monopoly enjoyed by the Harriman and Hill lines would probably have prevented this in any event.

I would as soon have a paper ship as an ironclad; only give me men to fight her!

The name “ironclad” always sounded menacing and formidable to the child, and the forbidding pictures fascinated her.

The steam reconstruction had scarcely attained its full swing when the ironclad reconstructor became imperative.

Tegethoff, in his flagship, the Ferdinand Max, twice rammed a grey ironclad without effect.