Irreducible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Irreducible:

But breakfast was practically over, and the need for beating a further retreat was thus reduced to an irreducible minimum.

You know, to men like your father convictions are irreducible elements—they can't be split up, and differently combined.

There was one peculiarly stubborn and irreducible class of facts which he took up and gave much thought to during this period.

The logic is unimpeachable, and points to irreducible pleasures and pains as the standard of valuation.

What wonder, then, if he should sometimes make mistakes, and that some inconsistencies remain at last irreducible?

This much at least the after history demands as the irreducible minimum.

Or are they irreducible events, and units of mechanism by themselves?

In spite of warnings, we found that our irreducible minimum of luggage filled five wardrobe-trunks.

The representations we are able to make of these two objects are absolutely heterogeneous, irreducible one to the other.

We have not, as in the preceding case, two equivalent definitions logically irreducible one to the other.