Irrelevant [adjective]

Definition of Irrelevant:

beside the point

Opposite/Antonyms of Irrelevant:

Sentence/Example of Irrelevant:

Prosecutors say it is irrelevant whether Caldwell personally breached the building.

That you really wanted a table saw is irrelevant to the exchange.

Brands generally are realizing that they have to get behind these larger social issues or they will quickly become irrelevant.

While keyword placement is essential, avoid titles that are just filled with irrelevant keywords or variations of your target keyword.

When asked, Faulconer would sort of dismiss the point as irrelevant, because it is irrelevant.

Like it was irrelevant whether it was Mahomes or Henne back there.

The existence of a phone line proved irrelevant, however, as all appointments had been claimed online by the time the registration phone line opened.

Confronted by this reality, many citizens are tempted either to retreat more deeply into their respective group identities or to insist piously that such categories are irrelevant and should not matter.

The good thing is that he soon will be as irrelevant as an old tweet.

Knowing which details are irrelevant requires having some understanding about the thing you’re describing.