Irremissible [adjective]

Definition of Irremissible:

required, necessary

Synonyms of Irremissible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irremissible:

Sentence/Example of Irremissible:

Indeed, it was a common thing among the Pagans to stigmatize certain crimes, and to call them irremissible—unexpiable.

At an earlier period he would scarce have escaped without scourging, galleys and irremissible prison.

Two years and a half were spent on the trials of Diego and Ana, ending with a sentence of irremissible prison and sanbenito.

The condition in this, that the penalty commuted must not be irremissible, was not always observed.

Irremissible, ir-re-mis′i-bl, adj. not to be remitted or forgiven.