Irrepressible [adjective]

Definition of Irrepressible:

effervescent, vivacious

Synonyms of Irrepressible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irrepressible:

Sentence/Example of Irrepressible:

Thus was he spared the look of utter loathing, of unconquerable, irrepressible disgust that leapt into her countenance.

It was Jenny's sympathy on this first night, when awakened by Ruth's irrepressible agony, that had made the bond between them.

She had an irrepressible longing for a few minutes' change of scene after her night of watching.

Prince Waldemar broke into an irrepressible fit of laughter and clapped Kaulmann on the shoulder.

That struggle is an irrepressible conflict existing in all nature, and from which man cannot escape.

But not so; a swampy wide road and more of the irrepressible mill element constituted the whole of the scene presented.

The irrepressible conflict, foretold by our poets and dreaded by our statesmen, broke out in the spring of 1861.

One majestic thought is the result: God—God is the irrepressible idea that springs within man's soul.

An irrepressible shudder passed through Leonard when he saw this grim apparatus.

The man stared at her in honest surprise, and then his red face melted into rather pleasant curves of irrepressible laughter.