Irresistible [adjective]

Definition of Irresistible:

compelling; inescapable

Synonyms of Irresistible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irresistible:

Sentence/Example of Irresistible:

The job of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.

“I will fight anybody…”Given my likes-to-fight bona fides and a book I’d recently written on the very subject, an intermediary passed along the challenge, and the challenge was irresistible.

A common example is a banner promoting an industry report with an irresistible CTA on a blog.

Set an end date for your promo, and make sure the added value consumers get is irresistible in their eyes.

Doing so, Amazon encourages users to purchase items they didn’t even think about, but that was made irresistible by a clever combination of search history and flash discounts.

The attack was commenced by the allies under Blucher upon the French centre, with a fury irresistible.

He rose upon it, it was under him, he felt its lift and irresistible momentum; almost it bore him up the steps.

Zoological gardens and “wild beast shows” had for him attractions which were quite irresistible.

Thereafter he ran away from school twice, having been seized with a romantic and irresistible desire to see and shoot a lion!

And is it possible that the Doa can be obdurate to such irresistible attractions?