Irresolutely [adverb]

Definition of Irresolutely:


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Sentence/Example of Irresolutely:

He takes up his hat suddenly and goes towards the door; stops irresolutely and comes back.

Then she glanced irresolutely along the street, and as she did so a gleam appeared through the spruces at Miss Hatchard's gate.

“You blackguard,” said Eric, standing irresolutely for a few minutes; and then with tears in his eyes began to climb the wall.

Diamond made an eager step forward as if to take her hand; then stopped irresolutely, and looked anxiously at Minnie.

When she brought her master his breakfast on Sunday, she stood irresolutely holding the doorknob in her hand.

Then he paused irresolutely and eyed the gay bevy of children.

The baronet glanced irresolutely at his watch, and with an exclamation of annoyance snapped down the lid.

He walked irresolutely back and forth and his eye fell upon the register again.

In the excess of her disappointment she burst into tears and sat down on the snow irresolutely.

The girl dropped the spoon as if it had burned her fingers, and looked irresolutely at the big duck-gun hanging on the log wall.