Irreverence [noun]

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By the same token that Substack is proving highly remunerative for certain journalists on staff and the Deadspin pedigree should attract subscribers who miss the old site’s irreverence and coverage of both sports and politics.

I have been accused of showing irreverence towards these barbarous kings and priests.

And the English people do not share with us—I say it to their credit—our universal irreverence for what is solemn and sacred.

But, twenty feet from the door, the spirit of irreverence overtook him.

They think "Irreverence for the dreams of youth" always comes from "the hardening of the heart."

We treat God with irreverence by banishing him from our thoughts, not by referring to his will on slight occasions.

Not so comic as mothers-in-law, of course; not invariably and irremediably comic; but provocative of mirth and irreverence.

Men mean no irreverence when they call upon their Maker at such times, even in soldier oath.

They brought to the royal and ancient game a spirit of Bohemian irreverence and banter that offended his serious enthusiasm.

I have always liked Midge since, and I believe she loves me with the faithful and blind fidelity of—but no irreverence—a dog.