Irrevocably [adverb]

Definition of Irrevocably:

beyond any doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Irrevocably:

Sentence/Example of Irrevocably:

At the top of 2020, the coronavirus crisis, an event of seismic proportions, irrevocably changed the worlds of retail, commerce, media and marketing.

Rather than ending racism, they reinforce the belief that people’s identities and viewpoints are irrevocably determined by the color of their skin.

Now that all is irrevocably ended, they a rise naturally out of what has taken place.

To gain his Dragon Maid,—to know that in this life she was irrevocably his,—that was Tatsu's one conscious thought.

John just slipped out of my grasp—Zloomph and all—and was gone—completely and irrevocably gone.

There is no proposition of which it can be asserted that every human mind must eternally and irrevocably believe it.

All that thou hast loved, to which thou hast given thyself irrevocably, is falling, going to pieces.

As we write, the commissioners are sitting, and the value of the lands is being irrevocably determined.

This assumption is a probable one, but it is not irrevocably certain.

We both made a bitter mistake; but now it is over, and irrevocably so.