Irrigated [verb]

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Farmers look to subseasonal forecasts to better plan when to plant and irrigate crops.

From this cistern large earthen pipes led off in various directions to irrigate the terraces below.

It is in a hot valley, skirted by a river, which is made to irrigate the gardens and grounds on its borders.

If water was tapped, it went to irrigate new lands which MacGonigal had added to the ranch.

It is enormously fertile, but there is only enough water in it to irrigate a limited number of farms.

His every idea seems hostile to the farmer, whose land the farmer himself is paying him to irrigate.

We arrived at the Alameda, but before reaching it there are three little creeks, one of which could irrigate a garden.

Even on feast days something can be done; irrigate the young vineyards, wash the sheep, go to the city to sell oil or fruit.

Irrigate the conjunctival sac thoroughly with sterile saline solution.

A stone reservoir, of ample dimensions, contained water to irrigate the grounds, and it was also abundantly stored with fish.