Irritability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Irritability:

A behavioral response might mean regression in sleep or toileting patterns, clinginess or a general irritability.

Gray lost much of his irritability and began to talk coherently upon topics of general interest.

She has always been a delicate woman, suffering from headaches, general irritability, and nervousness.

However, I stick to my intentions, and hammer pianoforte passages out of my brain: the result is nervous irritability.

Besides the irritability, impulsiveness is an equally characteristic feature.

In flatulent and spasmodic affections of the bowels, and in gastric irritability.

Anger and irritability belong only to the separated self, and they drive away the feeling of unity.

The value of the teacher depends upon his power of inspiring confidence, and he loses this when he gives way to irritability.

We know also, however, that many children do suffer from nervous irritability, and from weakness in other directions at this time.

In the mechanism of the heart his doctrine of irritability especially maintained itself.