Irritant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Irritant:

In a statement the day after the riot, then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who resigned Friday, said officers were attacked with metal pipes, chemical irritants and other types of weapons.

From a clinical study of Rhus poisoning, Pfaff came to the conclusion that the poison must be a non-volatile skin irritant.

She was finding a species of salve for her own disappointment in this irritant applied to another.

The latter, like the former, is used as an external irritant.

The oxalic acid in sorrel is an irritant poison, causing retching and violent pains.

When the children were growing up and in the crucial stage of adolescence, the father was like some ugly irritant to their souls.

It possesses the advantage of exercising but little irritant effect upon the bowels.

But the constant irritant in the public eye was the Standard Oil Company.

But Dr. Holmes was right: proverbs should be sold in pairs so that one may correct the other as a counter irritant.

These seem to be due to the direct irritant effect of animal emanations.