Irritated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Irritated:

He says that though Brown’s scalp is extremely irritated from the extensive use of chemicals, she has retained some of her hair.

Stay calm and polite It’s natural to feel startled, nervous and irritated when a uniformed stranger questions your family relationships — especially before or after a lengthy overseas trip.

I try my best not to take this out on anyone else, and I can often talk myself down after the fact, but I really wish I could not get irritated in the first place.

During the hearing, Callaway grew increasingly irritated at what he viewed as the federal government’s failure to help the clearly struggling hospitals.

Playing in a mask initially “irritated” BU’s Jonas Harper, he said, but he adjusted, helped by the Terriers having practiced with them since September.

Adding unscented oils, a tied-off sock full of oatmeal, or even baking soda can help sooth itching or irritated skin, too.

They stopped by B5 as usual, where it was crowded with irritated travelers.

I find some people get irritated when I ask why they do something or think a certain way.

Fully washable and equipped with removable trimming heads for all of its different jobs, it’s recommended for those who struggle with balancing consistent grooming with occasional irritated skin.

The fighting section of the Filipinos was intensely irritated at not having been allowed to enter and sack the capital.