Irritatingly [adverb]

Definition of Irritatingly:


Synonyms of Irritatingly:

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Sentence/Example of Irritatingly:

"Able to walk up to the house," responded the boy irritatingly.

Mayhan laughed irritatingly; so irritatingly that his questioner was tempted to silence him with his fist.

"I didn't think he was such a stiff, Barney," she said in an irritatingly pleasant voice.

Finally Gavegan managed to get a flame from one of those irritatingly splintery Swedish matches made in Japan.

Her backbone was irritatingly pliable—somewhat like a wet rag in stiffness.

There were times when she seemed simply an antagonist holding out irritatingly against something I had to settle.

Somewhere in the house a bell commenced to jangle, and continued, irritatingly, insistently.

Our progress down the valley seemed now irritatingly slow, for I felt I could walk or run three times faster than Miela.

Very irritatingly (I have told you how I am not quite the man of phlegm I was) she took me up at my last word.

More often than not these colophons are irritatingly reticent, and withhold the very thing we want to know.