Irruption [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Irruption:

He made but one fierce and rapid irruption into the neighborhood of the "red sea," and returned sick and shuddering therefrom.

Came a great irruption of new social, religious, and political ideas into the general European mind.

By the retreat of Torstensohn, the Emperor was relieved from all fears of an irruption on the side of Bohemia.

The irruption of Bennie and Zephyr threatened disaster even to this forlorn hope.

Tamerlane made his irruption through this plain when he took and destroyed so many cities.

He threw open a window, thrust his head out, and such an irruption followed as I never had heard before.

When first he went to Smollett, it was for a Point of Humour , which centres in an "irruption of intolerable smells" at dinner.

By this time, the secretary had regained her usual poise, which had been somewhat disturbed by the irruption of the young man.

When night came on an irruption of wretched, ragged women filled the promenade, dispersing among the tombs of the renowned dead.

He waved his hand toward an irruption of laughing, shouting figures from the north wing of the college.