Islands [noun]

Definition of Islands:

land surrounded by body of water

Synonyms of Islands:

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Sentence/Example of Islands:

Among the Japanese who are in the islands there are more than one thousand five hundred Christians.

In Cuba its culture commenced in 1580, and from this and the other islands large quantities were shipped to Europe.

And thou didst multiply riddles in parables: thy name went abroad to the islands far off, and thou wast beloved in thy peace.

That, in the light of present conditions, is the most important thing for the necessary maintenance and defense of these islands.

During most seasons of the year the voyage from Macazar to the islands of Panay and the Pintados, or to this island, can be made.

Islands are so numerous that the whole shore is cut up by a confused procession of them, as it were.

The first pipes used in the British Islands were made of silver while 'ordinary ones' were made of a walnut shell and a straw.

A wild buffalo is a terrible thing; he is most to be dreaded of any creature in the islands.

The number of souls of Indian natives ministered to in the Filipinas Islands.

He shall not be sad, nor troublesome, till he set judgment in the earth, and the islands shall wait for his law.