Ism [noun]

Definition of Ism:

religious belief, group

Synonyms of Ism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ism:

Sentence/Example of Ism:

That is what everybody says when they want to prove any theory, creed, ism, or anything.

Outside of New York the political labor movement was not associated either with the single tax or any other "ism."

By this means I should have escaped the reproach of the most terrible ism of them all, that of Jacobitism.

If we were a race of flunkies, ample opportunities had been afforded to have our flunky-ism whipped out of us.

It all looks traitorous, but perhaps it is mere Matilda-ism.

She preferred to abandon synthetic reasoning, and create Matilda-ism.

Mine, says he, is infected with a worse ism than either of those.

But this immediately suggests the question of whether it was altogether an advantage to have made an "ism" out of Darwin.

I am against it; nothing will persuade me to withhold any little power I possess from the anti-swindler-ism party.

Religion with them becomes identified with some favorite dogma or ism, and tends in that direction to a monstrous development.