Isolating [verb]

Definition of Isolating:

cut off, set apart

Synonyms of Isolating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Isolating:

Sentence/Example of Isolating:

This kind of thinking isn’t fun, and it won’t necessarily make the reality of the situation less frustrating or isolating, but it can help put risky decisions into a broader context.

I had succeeded without effort or trouble in almost isolating her from her former habits.

If you have been in love, you must have felt the need of isolating from this world the being in whom you would live wholly.

When we have succeeded in isolating a certain kind of bacterium in a given dish, we are said to have a pure culture.

Great Salt Lake has not been so effective in isolating the animals living on the islands as heretofore has been thought.

Why then are we astonished at this, since each man, isolating himself from the rest, consults only his own interest?

There are two serious difficulties with this fourfold classification (isolating, prefixing, suffixing, symbolic).

Isolating, affixing, symbolic—this also seemed insufficient for the reason that it laid too much stress on technical externals.

In the isolating languages the syntactic relations are expressed by the position of the words in the sentence.

Such languages could be termed “agglutinative-isolating,” “fusional-isolating” and “symbolic-isolating.”