Isolation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Isolation:

Perhaps never more than now, in this time of covid-19, do we crave isolation yet chafe at being cloistered in our homes.

A babysitter took care of Sam in the family home while Castelo was in isolation, and the father and son used walkie-talkies to communicate.

Whenever the mood strikes, I boil or fry them up and lessen my sense of isolation for a bit.

As with other solutions to isolation—bus fare to visit a park, tickets to a museum—internet connections also require financial resources that many older adults don’t have.

I wanted a more autism-friendly world, but this version, defined by helplessness and isolation, has scarred me as deeply as it has my peers.

Many experts have warned us about the effects of our current isolation and stress.

The health department said the person has been in isolation, and the department is continuing to investigate the case.

They’re constructed using four layers of foam that work in tandem to provide cooling, pressure relief, support, and motion isolation.

Other public records show that the San Diego Police Department cited 12 people in early April for violations of isolation or quarantine orders, mostly in Balboa Park, where the facilities were closed at the time — although none have been prosecuted.

In a year defined by loss and isolation, generosity is both medicinal and contagious.