Issuance [noun]

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No such difficulties arose when the issuance of injunctions was justified as a measure for the protection of property.

In other cases the more logical course was followed of justifying the issuance of injunctions upon grounds of equity.

It was telephonic concerning the issuance of this parade permit, which is covered in the report by the bureau man.

Otherwise, the Commission must apply to a Federal court for the issuance of a judicial writ to compel obedience to the order.

These details were intended to prevent the issuance of restraining orders for frivolous or merely obstructive reasons.

It also dealt with the issuance of franks by express, telegraph and telephone companies in some detail.

A significant event of the war was the issuance by President Lincoln of his celebrated emancipation proclamation.

Through the man hole in the discharge culvert the issuance from the pipes could be seen, and its volume was beyond conception.

Charleston had a public meeting to congratulate Macaulay on the issuance of one of the later volumes of his History.

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