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Mask-wearing has remained a hot-button political issue even as more states, including those with Republican governors who long resisted such measures, are adopting mask mandates as case numbers rise across the United States.

Most Democrats ignored the topic and used their time to highlight other pandemic issues, including Americans’ willingness to accept a future vaccine and small gatherings driving the spread of the virus.

Michael Mullen, senior vice president for Kraft Heinz, said in a written statement that the company’s suppliers are audited by a third party and that the audits have not identified “any issues.”

Some NFL players have worn face shields that attach to their helmets, which satisfies the NFL requirement for mask use during practice, but others don’t like the shields because they create breathing issues.

This week brought another round of issues, most notably defensive tackle Jowon Briggs entering the transfer portal after starting every game this season.

Nor are these the only issues that government officials have explored as part of their wide-ranging Facebook probes, the three people familiar with the matter said.

The rapid rollout happened as micromobility companies and municipalities hailed the quirky two-wheelers as partial solutions to traffic issues, transit overcrowding and climate change.

We find this to be a common issue with his family, although it had not yet happened with this specific aunt.

Maryland had some depth concerns at the center position, but Smith’s ability to stay out of foul trouble kept that from becoming a major issue.

Apple has not budged on the issue, but the coalition hopes regulators will force Apple to open up the operating system.