Italic [noun]

Definition of Italic:

printing font

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Sentence/Example of Italic:

Emotions cause the brain to store memory in a stronger and more permanent fashion, set down in bold type and italics.

Note that text format (bold or italic) has semantic meaning in this volume.

Still another abhors dashes or colons, or quotation marks, and yet another will not have Italic type used in his work.

Pervenerunt ad nos propositiones qudam Italic satis Lutheran.

Quirinus, kwi-rī′nus, n. an Italic divinity identified with the deified Romulus.

At the north pole is an hour circle bearing the inscription “Index Hor: Italic.”

Since italic capital U does not occur, the rounded form has been transcribed as U.

But I will take from Catullus in a different mood two other examples of the Italic romanticism.

It seems that the italic typeface used in this book did not have an ae ligature.

I have marked by italic letters the most important passage of the above quotation.