Itching [verb]

Definition of Itching:

scratch; tingle

Synonyms of Itching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Itching:



Sentence/Example of Itching:

My late distemper of heat and itching being come upon me again, so that I must think of sweating again as I did before.

In hay fever, the itching and redness of the eyes, nose, and throat are controlled from a sensitive point in the naso-pharynx.

I gravely placed a gold piece in his itching palm, asking, "What did they write on the walls?"

Itching and reddening of the skin commenced within twenty-four hours.

An itching red spot about the size of a dime was noticed in thirty-six hours, and it steadily increased in size.

And as they waited an itching came at the palm of McGurk's hand.

The itching is intense, and in consequence their apices are excoriated.

Prickly heat produces more or less discomfort but usually little or no itching.

Another form of eczema is simply a very badly chafed condition accompanied by intense itching, and commonly known as "dry eczema."

Almost instantly the itching is stopped, and the added "scratching" irritation to the already injured skin is thus avoided.