Items [noun]

Definition of Items:

part, article

Synonyms of Items:

Opposite/Antonyms of Items:

Sentence/Example of Items:

The percentage of reserves to deposits, which marks the safety line for England, refers to the items in the banking department.

A few notes will serve to illustrate the chief subjects for care and some important items in fitting instruments properly.

Her testimony diametrically opposes several 119 items which McCracken has written into the unsigned testament of the deceased.

Two other items, however, showed a tendency to increase—the expenses connected with his sons, especially Richard.

A Natch often costs several thousand rupees, and is one of the most costly items in the expenditure of the rich.

The room was full of healthy-looking workmen, tidily dressed and busily doing honour to the porridge and other items on the menu.

One of the first items drastically reduced in the local and state budgets was school expenditures.

Devonshire's visitors got tremendously well fed, with fish items of especial excellence.

He exchanged nods and greetings with several, and then settled down to examine his catalogue and note likely items.

The various items of evidence were put together, and certainly they seemed to prove a strong case against Eric.